Bigger, Shinier Ads Don’t Sell Homes – Price It Right!

Before the Multiple Listing Service and the internet, it was critical to place the biggest, brightest, and most attractive home-sale ads possible – everywhere you could! Of course you had to announce to everyone that your home is now on the market. 

Thankfully this isn’t the case anymore. Immediately when we launch your house on the MLS, the entire agent population in our region is instantly informed and all buyers set up on auto-listings will receive one with your house!

Agents working with buyers will know there is an opportunity to sell your house. And, because of technology, buyers looking for homes similar to yours are mostly likely aware of your listing before their agent even has a chance to pass the news to them. 

Even buyers who are not completely active and working with a realtor have access to homes for sale. Multiple sites will show your house for sale as the listing populates across several platforms.

So why isn’t anyone looking at your house? 

There could be several factors to consider, but assuming your agent has provided professional photographs, staging advice, and a marketing strategy, it boils down to the bottom line – price.

Bigger ads, new marketing approaches, or more-aggressive marketing will not trick buyers into thinking your house is worth more than market value. You could feature your house for sale on the front cover of the local newspaper every day, and if you aren’t priced right, it’s unlikely you’ll find a buyer.

Having a timeline and strategy is key. If you aren’t receiving any showings, it’s time to reduce the price. Early in the process, your agent should discuss with you the importance of pricing and review a strategy to reduce, if necessary, based on lack of activity.

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